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  • First ten lines of your CV are the ticket to catching recruiter’s attention.

    This Is The Part Of Your Resume That Recruiters Look At First

    First part of your CV is the ticket to catching recruiter’s attention. Only great resumes land job interviews. But there is a specific part of your resume that has to be greater perhaps greatest. Consider this: most of the times, you send your resume as an email attachment or a PDF file submitted through an …

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  • 6 Tips For Formatting Your CV That Will Land You In The Interview Room

    When you are eager to change your job but don’t land any interview calls. There is definitely something wrong with your CV, or it’s not up to the mark. In this situation you cannot blame the content entirely. At times the formatting of your CV might hinder the recruiters to see your skills. And you …

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  • 9 things that are a big no for your resume

    Resume is the face value of your career life, which if not made well can ruin your entire grace and can make you lose good opportunities. The recruiter who receives your application will probably have dozens or even hundreds of resumes to shift and sort. So you’ll be lucky if your resume is read for …

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  • 10 Tips for Writing a Winning CV

    It is harsh but true notion that most of the recruiters and hiring managers give just a few seconds to decide whether to regard or disregard a CV. Whereas, the candidates spends numerous hours preparing their CVs. Worry no more, below are the best tips to help you get into the interview room for your …

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